Revelation Divine experience

Sanchar with Swami Samartha Maharaj and Shri Mohan Jadhav Guruji

Guruji: All that has been said here and revealed is a Divine knowledge. Should you read & meditate you may learn some thing.

Divine Experience on March 19, 2014, 4.30am to 6.40am

I was sleeping at my home in and I felt Guruji wake me up, by patting on my shoulder. I sat up to find darkness around and my baby peacefully sleeping. As I closed my eyes and thought of Guruji, I heard Guruji's voice within me- "We woke you up ad we wanted to speak with you." I silently prayed- "Please wait until I get a paper and pen." Thy voice stopped. I got a notebook and pen and switched on a small side light. I closed my eyes again and on my inner stage, there was Shri Swami Samath in flaming orange robe and attire and there is Shri Guruji with his glowing white pancha and vastra. They are sitting right next to each other on a peetha,in yogic avashta. I felt like I was in a room with them. I could see no other presence or light other than that emanating from them. What a serene atmosphere! This entire session lasted for 2 hrs and 10 mins. Both Shri Swami and Shri Guruji spoke clearly and slow enough for me to document every word. Several concepts on soul evolution are discussed in this session. I heard each of their voices distinctly as I document this event. Sri Swami said-“We summoned you in our presence, to this sanchar as we want you to hear and listen. Document this talk and meditate on it.”

Shri Guruji spoke-“Every soul embarks on this journey, where it takes birth in a body made of 5 elements and the prana. This body is also encapsulated by several layers or shrouds or veils of ignorance. Due to the principle of “Ekoham Bahusyami”, every soul is essentially the same as the paramatma in quality. Just like a drop of sea water and the sea. The process of a soul’s evolution (from pure cosmic consciousness to the shrouded being and back to pure consciousness), is akin to a train journey. Every soul sits in a compartment of this train with all its shrouds, its body made of the five elements and the prana. The body of the five elements includes the mana, buddhi and the chittha. This train’s destination is one way only- towards the pure consciousness. The train stops in many stations- like pashu loka or nakshatra loka, before it reaches its final destination of cosmic consciousness or grace. This pure consciousness is grace. Depending on the soul’s karma or the impressions on the soul, scenes are created with people and circumstances within the compartment. For instance, there comes a wedding party in the compartment and this soul passenger partakes in the joyful event, eats laddus and dances in joy. Another time, a co-passenger in the same compartment, like one’s own mother, dies. The soul passenger now participates in the grief also. All the events happening in the compartment are structured so that the shrouds enclosing the soul can be peeled away and the soul becomes free. Each such experience or event enriches the soul. There is only progress. So there is no regression back to the previous ignorant state. The scene in the compartment changes constantly. By the time the soul reaches the final destination, which is the state of cosmic consciousness, all the shrouds enclosing the soul are peeled away and merges or becomes one with the cosmic consciousness- Just as a drop merges with the ocean.”

Shri Guruji continued- “The concept of Free Will The reactions of the shrouded soul passenger to the events in the train compartment, leaves an impression or another shroud on the soul passenger. The soul passenger forgets that it is travelling in a train compartment towards a final destination of pure consciousness. Instead, it begins to believe, gets attached and involved in the scenes that occur within the compartment. It perceives the scenes to be reality and the purpose of its life is to handle the illusory scenes. Grace is the creator of the scenes according to the different karmas (prarabda, sanchita etc) of the individual soul passenger, to peel away the shrouds engulfing the soul passenger. When the soul becomes an involved performer, it makes choices, affirmations and resolutions in response to an event, out of its free will and develops new shrouds. However, if the soul participates in the scene without owning the doer ship, all the while understanding that it is a traveler who is traveling towards the absolute truth, understanding that it is an actor in a drama orchestrated by the director called grace, then the soul passenger is peeled off the shrouds through each scene or experience in the compartment. The soul passenger thus does not shroud itself but becomes free. This is how each karma becomes a mukti hetu karma, enriching the soul and breaking its shackles.

Hence, each soul has the free will to:

1) choose its reactions to the scene or react in the way it wants to. The soul can choose to become involved or not, to gain new impressions or not, to get more shrouded or not, to expect or not, to be happy or sad. Each soul writes its own history.

2) Choreograph parts of the scene- Though the scene created due to prarabdha karma cannot be changed, the ones created due to current impressions can be orchestrated by the soul itself. Both good and bad wishes come true. If you want to see a saint, you will. If you want to see a lion, you will. Grace sometimes lets the soul author its dream scene or fantasy.

3) know the purpose of its life- If a soul chooses, it is privy to the knowledge that it is a passenger in a train traveling towards cosmic consciousness. The union with the cosmic consciousness is the true purpose of its existence, the true purpose of its duality, the true purpose of the life, while being a mere actor in the scenes. All choices of the soul passenger, good or bad are respected and grace will not interfere with it. No matter what happens! If you (the soul passenger) get more shrouded or emerge free from the experiences, the train and you (the soul passenger) are moving towards grace, with grace.”

Shri Guruji continued- “The concept of death and rebirth Though the soul passenger in the train is always progressing, the body made of the five elements that it has, is constantly degenerating while facing the scenes in the compartment. At some point, the body becomes so weak that it cannot hold the soul anymore. At this point the body merges with its elements and the soul (which is akshaya and sanathana), gets out in the next closest station from the train. This station maybe either pashuloka or nakshatra loka or gandarva loka. Until the final destination of cosmic consciousness is reached, the soul passenger is shrouded. It may have fewer, subtler shrouds, but still shrouded. It is free only when it becomes one with the supreme absolute truth. So the soul passenger that leaves the train, say at gandarva loka, remains there for a period of time until its sukarma phala allows it to be. Once that is exhausted, the soul looks for a yoni that will give this soul a body to peel away the remaining shrouds. Thus the soul passenger again attains a body of five elements with prana and embarks on the train journey again. Entry into this train and progress in this journey is impossible without the body with prana. This is how the cycle of creation or soul evolution goes on. The shrouded soul takes a body of five elements and prana from a yoni, embarks on the train, plays or performs through the scenes and departs in the station where the body disintegrates. This goes on until all shrouds are peeled away and the final destination of Absolute truth or cosmic consciousness is reached. Here all duality, doubts, fear and all the qualities dissolve and the being exists as nothing but pure cosmic consciousness. Very few great ones reach the final destination while retaining the human body and guide the lesser evolved souls to their final goal. There are others who merge into the cosmic consciousness or grace or Absolute truth, when their body disintegrates. In both the cases, there is no rebirth.” Shri Swami said- “They are Jeevan Muktas. They function as the cosmic consciousness itself. However, they do retain the power to take a birth at their will in order to act as a beacon to the rest of the thriving soul passengers. They become the Masters and herd the flock. They become the lamp that lights another. They are the light that destroys the shrouds and redeem the soul passenger from the darkness of ignorance. They are the Sadgurus. They are the grace. They are IT.”

Shri Swami continued- “The concept of Punya and Paapa There is no punya or paapa. If a soul passenger chooses to be virtuous and does satkarma, its shrouds gets peeled away quickly and it becomes free. If it does dushkarma, it gets further engulfed in more and more shrouds through guilt, through doubts, through kaama, through kroda, through moha, through mada, through maatsarya, and the process of liberation takes longer. So BEWARE! O Soul! Make sure you (the soul passenger) steer your being on virtuous waters, free of guilt. Following the instructions of the Sadguru, will steer you (the soul passenger) away from the illusions and free you (the soul passenger). You (the soul passenger) should be faithful with paripoorna nishta and parama prema while following the Sadguru’s instructions to the very last. Then you (the soul passenger) are destined to be free. You (the soul passenger) will reach and become the final destination. When done with the right attitude, every karma is Mukti Hetu Karma. Every karma is penance – whether working in office or doing yagnyas. Everything is same. All is OUR work. All is OUR play.”

Shri Swami continued- “The purpose of the scenes and this train journey Each entity that separated from the cosmic consciousness created an identity for itself and chose a path of soul evolution, towards its unity with the cosmic consciousness again. Hence the scenes are custom made for each soul passenger and so are the experiences. No experience is greater than another. For instance, the initiation received by Ramakrishna Paramahamsa from his Sadguru Totapuri Mahraj is not any greater or lesser than what you received from your Sadguru or what your Sadguru received from his Sadguru. They all lead to the one end of liberation and being one with cosmic consciousness. The means does not matter. It is merely an experience. But the end does. The end is the true freedom, liberation of the soul, the divine union of a jeevatma with its paramatma, the union of Shakti with its Shiva. Reaching this final destination is IMPOSSIBLE without the guidance and grace of a Sadguru.” {My Baby now cries in his sleep. So Shri Swami said- “Please attend to the Baby.” HE waited until the baby went back to sleep. Once the baby slept,HE started speaking again.}

Shri Swami continued- “The Mahamantra Some soul passengers are fortunate that their Sadguru reveals himself/ herself or itself in their train compartment. The Sadguru guides the soul passenger through the scenes and different experiences in the train compartment. HE helps the soul passenger to create and experience scenes that further peels the shrouds away. The Sadguru becomes a part of the disciple or in other cases the disciple himself. The physical body of the disciple remains the same. But his soul becomes linked or attached with that of the Sadguru. The process of linking a soul to that of the Sadguru is called Initiation or deekska or shaktipath. During the deeksha, the Sadguru introduces you (soul passenger) to a friend called the Mahamantra. This mantra or holy vibrations is your (soul passenger’s) eternal friend, who will constantly remind you (the soul passenger) that each scene is an illusion and you (soul Passenger) are merely an actor. It will constantly protect you (the soul passenger) from being an involved performer and from creating more shrouds. It will lead you (soul passenger) to higher states of soul evolution and finally merge within you (the soul passenger) as you (the soul passenger) merge into the Absolute truth or cosmic consciousness.”

Shri Swami continued- “Importance of Pancha Sadhana or Agnihotra Agnihotra, Yagnya, Daan, Tapah, Karma and Swaadhyaay are absolutely essential to reach the final destination. In every scene you (the soul passenger) create in the journey. Make sure you (the soul passenger) include and do these practices as well. These practices will create armor around the body and soul. They equip the body of five elements and prana with strength to contain and to perform with the higher evolutions of your (the soul passenger’s) soul. The higher the soul evolves, the lesser the shrouds, and more powerful is the energy of this soul. And sometimes, the body cannot bear the energy of this highly evolved soul and so it disintegrates back into the five elements. Thus, terminating the journey before the final destination is reached. Armed with the shield of Agnihotra, Pancha Sadhana and the Mahamantra guiding you (the disciple) away from illusions, your (the disciple’s) progress accelerates tremendously. You (the disciple) remain unperturbed by experiences and reach the state of witness or Shoonya saakshi. The practices help you (the disciple) to tune to the greater consciousness of your (the disciple’s) Sadguru and also will help you (the disciple) to listen to your (the disciple’s) Mahamantra. You (the disciple) are being brought closer and closer to the final destination as you (the disciple) do these practices with pure love, faith and no expectations. This disciple or Sadshisya is forever protected and guided by grace.” Shri Swami spoke after a pause- “Your Sowbhagya It is your sowbhagya and OUR joy that grace has taken a human form as your Sadguru, to be your travel companion in your train compartment, in this life. Make the most of it. Enjoy every moment. Follow every instruction with complete shradda, with faith, with total devotion and all the love you are capable of. Be pure and vinamra. You are in grace and travelling towards grace. Grace is determined to liberate you and become one with it in this birth itself. Fear none. Fear nothing. Be at peace. Be calm. WE are there with you.”

Shri Guruji Spoke- “We found you among the millions of beings on this earth. You have always been with US and will always be. WE are yours and you are US. Follow the fivefold path and face life courageously as it unfolds. WE are there with you in every breath. WE are your breath. WE are your journey. WE are your destiny. Why fear? Remember! There is light ahead and grace behind.”

Shri Swami spoke- “I am all. I manifest again and again. Sambhavami yuge yuge. I am all there is. I am everything. No existence is bereft of me. Can there be a sight without the eye and the seer of the eye? The physical eye here, is your body. The seer is “I”. I create the sight. I see the sight and I, be the sight. Ha Ha Ha… There is ananth aananda in this leela. I am the Hiranyagarbha from which the universes arise. I am the vaccum in which they dissipate into. I am all. You chose to merge in the cosmic consciousness through your Sadguru. Know well that HE and I are one! HE and I are one! HE and I are one! Rejoice, My child! Rejoice the journey! Rejoice the Union! My blessings are always with you. Now, march on, My child. Fulfil your life’s purpose- OUR purpose. It is time to prepare for your Agnihotra. We are always there with you.”